Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Massacre of Muslim Civilians is always: ‘Self-Defence’ but never Terrorism

The Anglo-US-Israeli axis continues to market the murdering of Muslims civilians as the result of self-defence, through its media outlets. Any impartial observer seeing the carnage in Iraq , Lebanon and now in Gaza would conclude differently, because it is obvious who is being terrorised and slaughtered. Naturally, the gruesome images from Gaza have caused the ordinary masses in all parts of the world to take to the streets and protest; this is unprecedented in our recent history.

It is disgusting to see the pro-Israeli commentators having the ‘chutzpah’ to claim that Israel has the higher moral grounds, whilst committing mass murder in the concentration camp of Gaza . The sheer barbarism shown by Israel has full endorsement from the US and British governments. Most Israelis do not feel remorse for the killing of gentiles. In the US , you see the pro-Israeli Jews [1] are celebrating the bloodletting. I will elaborate later on the Israeli barbarism. There is also tacit approval of this carnage from the Arab regimes, deduced from their silence and inaction.

As a mark of true democracy, Israel and the US are ignoring the mass protests, and the resolution 1860 issued by the UN General Assembly that reflects the opinion of the vast majority of the world’s population. The vote was unanimous, 142 in favour, 4 against and 8 abstentions. This is why the democracies have setup the Security Council, so that UN can reflect the interests of the tiny minority!

The assembly president, Nicaragua 's Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann said [2]

"The violations of international law inherent in the Gaza assault have been well documented: collective punishment; disproportionate military force; attacks on civilian targets, including homes, mosques, universities, schools."

He also pointed out the ungrateful nature of the Jewish State and said:

“It seems to me ironic that Israel , a state that more than any other owes its very existence to a (1948) General Assembly resolution, should be so disdainful of United Nations resolutions,"

There was also consensus that Israel had committed war crimes in Gaza and there were calls for further investigation. Had a fraction of this being done by a Muslim country, the US troops, not the UN troops with blue helmet would have already been sent on bombing missions.

knows the world is becoming desensitised to shedding of Muslim blood, because it is easy to justify killing on a mass scale once you have demonised the population. Sounds familiar, yes the tactics used by the Nazis. The victims have learnt well from their Holocaust experience it seems! The business of marketing and exploiting holocaust continues to this day.

There is no oil in Palestine except the olive oil, which explains why the US-run organisation, the UN is paralysed. Now remember, the so-called world community of US-led coalition moved to save the ‘poor’ Kuwaitis from Saddam Hussein, back in 1991, as if there was moral crusade to restore justice, international law and nothing to do with oil.

The Zionists have excelled not just in killing defenceless women and children but the propaganda campaign that goes with it. They have abundant money, influence and resource at their disposal, with the added advantage of knowing the Arabs will use their oil money only to build more shopping malls to make way for Zionist companies like Starbucks and Marks and Spencer. Frequently repeating a point, regardless of is merit is effective when the quality of the audience is so poor, like the docile and illiterate masses in the US . Therefore, the Zionists are constantly propagating the following points, which the media amplifies:

They repeat constantly, Hamas is a terrorist organisation and not the democratically elected body. This terrorist label is given irrespective of who is actually being terrorised and slaughtered. The underlying ‘logic’ is Hamas made weapons delivers terror but the US-Israeli weapons do not! However, in reality it is Hamas and the Palestinians who are being terrorised and slaughtered since 1948. Hamas are terrorists in their lands but the imported Jews coming to occupy lands are innocent victims, what an irony.

In contrast, Israel is not a state terrorist or terrorist of any sort no matter how much terror and carnage it delivers. No matter how many women and children they kill. Rather, Israel is often glorified in the West as the only democracy in the Middle East despite having clear characteristics of an apartheid state. Concurrently it implies the Arabs are too uncivilised to be democratic.

Hamas is portrayed as the belligerent aggressor, because they launched thousands of ‘deadly’ missiles. Israelis have suffered negligible casualty from those homemade missiles in comparison to what is happening in Gaza . Therefore, it is far easier to repeat that thousand of missiles launched from Gaza , as it is too embarrassing to justify the killing of 1000 Palestinians for a handful of Jews. Especially from a nation, that upholds the ethos of - an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

As usual, the ‘weak’ and ‘vulnerable’ Israel is defending itself, as the US defended itself against the mighty Saddam Hussein armed with WMD! There is no mention of the continuation of the siege imposed over Gaza and breaking of the cease-fire back in November by Israel . History conveniently begins where Israel can be made to look like the innocent victim acting in self-defence. Common sense dictates that the act of self-defence is repelling an advancing enemy, meaning the threat is real and active. The Hamas rockets came in retaliation to the continuation of the subjugation of the Palestinians

The most recent fantastic claim is Hamas is out there to kill every Jew. Here comes the business of marketing holocaust again. Israeli Jews once again faces total annihilation. Even if the Hamas statements are true, but can you blame them for saying that. Is this not the result of Israeli barbarism? Israelis should remember that the victims of Gaza would one day seek vengeance and dispense collective punishment.

The Zionist entity has shown barbarism before like in Sabra and ShatiIa, Qana and Jenin. In Gaza , they went a step further, and it is not just the killing of innocent civilians. In the Channel 4 interview [3], Mark Regev, the Israeli Prime Ministers spokesperson was asked why the Israeli Defence Force was preventing the Red Cross from reaching the dead and wounded civilians for three days. He was specifically asked why the starving children waiting for food by the corpses of their mothers were denied aid from Red Cross – which is not in the business of propaganda. Red Cross were eventually made to walk for one mile to get to the victims. Such behaviour is disgusting from a people who constantly wave the holocaust flag and howl of being victimised – if they have really suffered so much, they ought to behave at least like human beings and not beasts.

Yamin Zakaria (
London, UK



Sunday, 11 January 2009

Gaza: “The best of gentiles (goy) should be killed”

Gaza is not a war but a cowardly massacre of civilians. There is very little remorse in the Jewish community as they continue to defend Israeli state-terrorism. No surprises there, as the blood of a gentile (goy) is not the worth same value as the blood of a Jew. [1] This is what fundamentalist Jews and the fanatical Zionists believe in, such values have shaped their mindset over centuries. These fanatics have an influence over the Israeli foreign policy like the neo-con jackals over the US foreign policy.

So far, 800 Palestinians killed, the figure is rising and the number of Israelis is less than 20, a good proportion of them are soldiers. Yet, the Israelis are constantly claiming to the terrorised victims, as if they are on the verge of another holocaust. This ludicrous view is amplified by the

Dajjal 2 like one-eyed media of the west.

Now picture this, what if the Muslims killed that many Jews using the same cowardly methods of bombing civilians from high altitude:

  • It would have been declared as another holocaust with cries of anti-Semitism, and another dose of holocaust based films for the next decade. As if, the Jews have a permanent monopoly over suffering.
  • The mini Joseph Gobbles that litter the western Media would have started to voice their usual anti-Islamic diatribe. Note actions of Muslims are always identified with Islam but actions of a Jewish state are never attributed to Judaism.
  • The neo-con fascists and Zionist-Christian jackals would have started to call for annihilation of the Palestinians, which they dream about day and night as the fulfilment of the so-called biblical prophecy. Funny, how you can call for genocide in the name of religion.
  • Barak Obama would have been vocal, instead of silent. He and Gordon Brown would have issued their condemnations and sympathy. Their words would have matched by their deeds.
  • The UN, which seems so helpless now, would have got busy issuing resolutions that would have been implemented. When was the last time a UN resolution was issued in favour of the Arabs/Muslims and was implemented?
  • This would have been another excuse to give a bigger donation to ‘helpless’ Israel. How else can the West atone for their past anti-Semitic sins, other then to help the Israelis to kill even more Palestinians, and seize more lands?
  • All the moderate-coolies who have gone mute now would have raised their hypocritical-ugly heads and issued condemnations of terrorism. Yet these heartless ‘people’ cannot see the carnage done to the Palestinians.

The paradigm presented by the media has always been the helpless holocaust victims of Israel surviving to live against the Hamas terrorists. So let us ask who the terrorist are in this latest episode.

  • Terrorist is the one who kills civilians. Israel has killed far more civilians, including 200 plus children. Yet, the media portrays the democratically elected Hamas as the terrorists group. It simply means the Jews in Israel are worth more than the Palestinian gentiles are.
  • Terrorist is the one who delivers terror. So who has delivered more terror, the Israelis equipped with the lethal US made weapons or the Hamas with their home made primitive rockets?

Be it Palestine, Afghanistan or Iraq, the number of victims tell another truth. The Muslims are not the terrorists, but the largest victim of organised state-terrorism.

Now we will see the age-old excuse of being the Holocaust victim and anti-Semitism. Any criticism of Israel is blocked by this stick of anti-Semitism and the holocaust victim card. Firstly, the problem is not anti-Semitism, as Arabs are also Semitic and Nazis no longer rule, but the real problem is the Semitic-Terrorism of Israel issues under the pretext that they are still the victims of a holocaust trying to survive. Secondly, why do they expect us to remember only Jews who perished in Nazi Germany, what about he 20 million Russians who gave their life? What about the loss of British and Americans lives? Are they worth less? Is it because they are gentiles?

All the blame is shifted on the shoulder of Hamas for firing a few primitive rockets into Israel. Those rockets were fired in response to earlier Israeli terrorism back in November. That was in response to Israeli Special Forces attack on Gaza killing six people, and not to mention the continuing oppression over Gaza by siege and blockade that has turned it into a concentration camp. Ironically, this is built by the very people who constantly moan about the concentrations camps built by the Nazis. The fact is: the Palestinians are no more of a threat to Israel than Jews in the Ghetto were a threat to the Nazi state.

Israel and its Jewish community should understand if those rockets can be justification for this slaughter in Gaza, then surely the argument would equally apply in the other direction. Israeli has the upper hand now, but one day Salahuddin and his army will return, then the Israelis will be repaid in kind, cries of anti-Semitism, and holocaust victim will not save them. They will not be given the security and comfort as it was given in the past, when the Christians in Europe were persecuting them.

Yamin Zakaria

London, UK

[1], Simeon b. Yoḥai

[2] This is the name given to the anti-Christ in the Islamic sources, he would have one eye, and the other would be deformed. According to the prophecy in the Islamic sources, the one-eyed Dajjal would have substantial following from the Jewish community.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

They were once victims of a Holocaust: Really?

"It's a horrifyingly sad place (Gaza) because of the desperation and misery of the way people live. I was unprepared for camps that are much worse than anything I saw in South Africa."
- Edward Said

The carnage in Gaza follows the carnage in Lebanon, Jenin, and Qana. The list will continue to grow as Israel with American fuel maintains the onslaught against the Palestinians and other Arab states. In line with the Jewish tradition, the Israelis are claiming to be the innocent victim. Just the body count alone tells the real story of who is the real victim in this asymmetric conflict.

It is difficult to fathom how a nation can behave in such a belligerent manner after it had allegedly lost six million in a relatively recent Holocaust, that took place during the Second World War, and some are still alive from that episode. If a nation genuinely suffered such losses in one tragic episode, they would show utmost restraint in killing innocent civilians. Moreover, one would expect them to be at the forefront in opposing the persecution of another group of people, let alone engage in such activities.

If it were the Germans instead of the Palestinians, that would make sense, as vengeance is a natural response. However, the Palestinians and Arabs had no connection with the Nazis in Germany. Europe commits the crime against the Jews; the people in the Middle East (Muslims and Christians) pay the price. This is unjust and illogical. Even more so, when you consider that historically the Jews have always prospered under Muslim rule, particularly under the ‘fundamentalist’ Caliphate that was constantly waging Jihad!

From Istanbul to Granada, the Jews lived happily without facing the regular inquisitions and pogroms of Christian Europe. A challenge for the Muslims is to convey the facts to the ignorant American masses, undoing the brainwashing done by the nasty mass media filled with mini Joseph Gobbles, so that they would at least see the Middle East with their two eyes, instead of one, like a one-eyed Dajjal.

Israel is claiming that it acted in self-defence, in response to the rockets fired by Hamas. As if it was entirely a unilateral provocation from Hamas without any prior cause. Let us assume the Israeli claims to be true. It is also true that Israel possesses huge technological advantage, with a fully equipped conventional armed force in comparison to Hamas. Even the analogy of David and Goliath would not be apt here. Under such circumstances, they should have sent ground troops, selectively targeting the Hamas fighters. Instead, they took the easy option, resorted to the aerial bombardment, which is indiscriminate by its nature, and not surprisingly led to the killing of innocent civilians and destroyed the infrastructure of the place bringing more chaos and suffering. Thus, everyone is talking about the cowardly disproportionate Israeli response.

How is the civilian casualty justified now? Tzipi Livni, the Israeli foreign minister, told the US media “"Unfortunately in a war ... sometimes also civilians pay the price". Then, the same argument should apply when Hamas kills Israeli civilians, but it does not. If we are to be consistent both sides are terrorists for engaging in killing civilians, otherwise the label of terrorism should be discarded as nothing other than a term of war propaganda. It also follows, the more civilians you kill, the bigger the terrorist you are. So it is Israel that wins the title here but overall trailing well behind the US

Indeed, if this situation were reverse, for example, Tel Aviv bombed by Syria or Iran, the mass media would have gone into a frenzy calling it Arab Terrorism or Islamic Terrorism. For sure, the UN would have been a lot more active, producing endless resolutions. If the Muslims can create Islamic terrorism, surely the Jews can create Judaic terrorism. Accordingly, can the Arabs/Muslims call the bombing of Gaza as an example of Judaic terrorism or Jewish terrorism?

There are ample grounds to claim, this sort of Israeli action is the product of the racist, Talmudic laws and values, which considers the gentiles (non-Jews) to be less than human beings. It is no secret, the Jewish ideology considers the Jews to be the chosen race of God, and the rest by implication are something less. Perhaps this is why Israel sees the death of 3 or 4 Jews as enough to kill 300 or more Palestinians in line with its Judaic based ethos.

Let us not forget Christian terrorism. Iraq can be a prime example of that, since George Bush, Tony Blair and many others in the US Administration have openly professed as being devout Christians. According to George Bush, God inspired him to wage this crusade in Iraq; the WMD was the Holy Grail demanded by King George Bush. Note the tacit approval of the Vatican and the Orthodox Church by their silence. For the US, the killing of foreigners in a large scale has been part of its Secular-Christian heritage, from the genocide of Native Americans to the Arabs. Historical facts clearly point to that tradition of the Wild West.

The reality of Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan shows one thing, the Muslims are the ones being terrorised; they are the victims of state-led terrorism. Let us apply commonsense and ask: which inflicts more terror, a F16 fighter plane or a primitive home made rocket? Who has been terrorised, the Jews living in fortress Israel with 4 or 5 casualties or the Palestinians in Gaza with 400 plus? Truth is indeed the first casualty of war.

Yamin Zakaria
London, UK
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