Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Islamic State of Terror and the Rise of neo-Khawarij

As a former member of the Islamic Liberation Party (Hizb-ut-Tahrir, HT), I can really sympathise with my former colleagues and other groups in their struggle to build a genuine Islamic State that would be a source of security, justice and prosperity for all. In the past, the Islamic State was exactly that, a system built on the actual teachings of Islam, where people fled to seeking sanctuary. During the Medieval Inquisition in Europe, the Jews fled to the Islamic State seeking protection. They were offered that and they prospered for centuries. The Muslim Spain is another example of where the society flourished at all levels with Jews, Muslims and Christians living side by side.

I can hardly believe my eyes, as the events have unfolded this year in various parts of the Muslims world. It seems the notion of the Islamic State (The Khilafah or the Caliphate) has been completely hijacked by wild extremists acting in the name of Islam, and their actions are far removed from the action of Prophet Mohammed (SAW), and the actions of the early companions and the generation of Muslims rulers that followed.