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Is it ‘Islamic’ Fascists or Freedom-Fascists?

Like most ‘ism’, Fascism was founded in Europe and it was practiced by Europe. What is the connection between Fascism and Islam? The mythical connection only exists in the vicious propaganda machine; they have coined the term Islamo-fascism to serve that purpose. In reality, Islam and Fascism are poles apart. The central pillars of Fascism advocates militant nationalism, which is clearly forbidden in Islam. Therefore, Islamic-Fascism or Islamo-fascism is an oxymoron.

According to the fascist ethos of ‘guilty until proven innocent’, Bush issued the guilty verdict of: “Islamic Fascists”, even before the suspects in custody had a chance to reach the court and state their case. They are 22 British Muslims of Pakistani descent and 2 British converts to Islam; all stand accused of a plot to blow up ten aircraft in mid-flight over the Atlantic. The media (CNN-FOX-MSNBC) was already reporting “Terror in the Air” as if something had already happened, while ignoring the real “Terror in the air” that was being delivered by Israel to the Lebanese civilians. I wonder what kind of fascist was Timothy McVeigh, who did the atrocity against the people in Oklahoma.

The British authorities described the plot as an attempted murder on an unimaginable scale, as if it involved 10 nuclear weapons instead of 10 civilian aircrafts. Why is it unimaginable? Ten planes with an average load of 300 people makes it around 3000, like another 9/11. Now imagine this, multiply that figure by 100, you have rivers of blood from Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, to Lebanon. Of course, they have no problem imagining this, as the value of Muslim lives is not the same as Western civilians; - this is the real FASCISM. Because the exaltation of one race/nation, results in relegating other races/nations to an inferior status, they become expendable for the causes of the master race. So, killing the inferior races/nations in large number is simply collateral damages, makes it sound almost legal, while any retaliation from the victims is described as violent, terrorist and even fascists.

George Bush is perhaps irate as to why Blair did not follow his example of incarcerating the “Islamic Fascists” in Camp-X-Ray style and then lecture the Islamic world about human rights! But surely, incarceration is exactly what the fascist do, probably one of its defining features. Wait, I think I understand the ‘logic’ of Bush: you have to become a fascist to fight those, whom you consider fascist in the first place.

Bush is not alone in depicting his fascist behaviour with stupidity and hypocrisy - recently the European commissioner of Internal Affairs, Franco Fratini demanded that Muslims should respect other people’s religion. Good grief, did he mean that Muslims should start by drawing derogatory cartoons of historical Christian and Jewish figures (as the Muslims are not allow to mock the Prophet Jesus, Moses, David etc) to show ‘respect’, as the Muslims have been shown ‘respect’? Does he want us to produce nasty novels and films that are anti-Christian and anti-Jewish under the banner of free speech? Does he want the Muslims to invent equivalent terms for ‘sand-niggers’, ‘rag-heads’ and ‘towel-heads’? Is that the kind of respect, Franco Fratini is referring to?

He also had the chutzpah to demand that Muslims should ‘respect the right of life’, when clearly the Muslim civilians have been the largest victim of Western and Israeli terrorism for decades. Can anybody deny this fact? Of course, what Franco means is that Muslims should show restraint and preferably turn the other cheek in the face of such an onslaught, as Western lives are worth more than the lives of Muslims. Such overt racism is a clear example of fascism.

Judging from Bush’s level of education and his past comments, it is doubtful that he understands the meaning of either term: Islam and Fascism. Calling Muslims fascists is another example of how Muslims are demonised by ideologies/ideas that are alien to the Islamic civilisation but ironically such ideologies/ideas are rooted in Western civilisation. Finding historical figures and events within the Islamic history that can be equated to the era of the Nazis is impossible.

The violent track record of the Nazis is a cyclical phenomenon that is found within European history, but very few would admit to it. One can go back to the blood-thirsty medieval Crusades of Christian Europe, then came the era of secular European colonisation from the 15th century onwards that annihilated millions of people. Finally we have the high-tech genocides by the US and Europe that has made the 20th century the bloodiest in human history. Naturally, unable to find real Islamic demons, Bush and his cohorts resorts to demonising Muslims with their demons of the past and present.

Since Islam and Fascism is an oxymoron, this only leaves the followers of Islam, the Muslims. It would only be fair to label the Muslims as Fascists, once they have managed to acquire the track record of Fascist like states, but then they would no longer be Muslims in any case. Listed below are some examples of fascist states and if the Muslims managed to replicate these, then they would qualify to be called Muslim-Fascists (not Islamic-Fascists):

  • When the Muslim nations invade and kill over 100,000 innocent civilians based on lies, then you can then call them fascists.

  • When the Muslim nations have killed 500,000 children by applying economic sanctions then call them fascists.

  • When the Muslim soldiers (Mujahideen) gang rape 14-year-old girls and then burn their bodies, then call them fascists. Ask yourself, would you trust your young daughters with such degenerate US marines or the noble Mujahideen who have never carried out such vile acts? Can you honestly answer this question?

  • When the Muslim soldiers sodomise little boys in front of their father, rape little girls in front of her family members, and call such activities as ‘softening up prisoners’ or ‘letting off some steam’, then you may call them fascists.

  • When the Muslim soldiers behead thousands using high-tech weapons, not just a few using the low-tech weapons of knife then bestow upon the Muslims the title of fascists.

  • When the Muslim soldiers slowly behead people to their deaths using napalm, phosphorus and other similar nasty weapons then call them fascists.

  • When the Muslims nuke cities killing 100,000 plus civilians that is on the verge of surrendering then call them fascists.

  • When the Muslims annihilate substantial population of a country, like the annihilation of the Native Americans or the Aboriginal of Australia then call them fascists.

  • When the Muslims build gas chambers and concentration camps killing thousands then call them fascists.

  • When the Muslim mob wearing white hoods, lynch and hang certain racial groups then call them fascists.

  • When the Muslims start to demonise a community, as prelude to mass-murder then call them fascists.

  • When the Muslims deprive the poorer countries of its natural resources and economic wealth, through the instrument of loans and imposition of dictatorships then you can call them fascists.

All nation states are dormant fascist states, as they depict extreme forms of nationalism it becomes an active fascist state. We get a glimpse of this amongst football hooligans when they start to exhibit nationalism/patriotism by defaming the opponents and foreigners using racial slur. If one is truly opposed to fascism, then one should start by abolishing nation states. A nation state is a pre-cursor to fascism and this is why even certain Muslim states depict fascist behaviour towards its citizens. The regimes of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, and Uzbekistan are some examples of regimes that are violent as fascists.

According to Islam, the identity of a Muslim is not defined by race; it is defined by adhering to certain set of ideas. You cannot cross the boundaries of race but you can adopt a certain set of ideas and convictions to become a Muslim, regardless of your racial origin. Therefore, the distinction between Islam and Fascism is as clear as the distinction between Islam and democracy, freedom, nationalism, capitalism etc.

However, the Zionist dominated media continues to try and depict Muslims as Fascists. For example, they insinuate that Hitler was aided by Muslims because of their alleged hatred of Jews and their natural inclination towards fascism, where as the truth is: some Muslim movements sought Hitler’s help to free themselves from British colonialism, after suffering from the betrayal of Sykes-Picot. At this rate, with the help of FOX-TV, Hitler will eventually become a Turk and his Mein Kampf is an exegesis of the Quran! Mussolini will be transformed into a Libyan, with his followers in black-shirts and a turban! The fascist axe will turn into a crescent shaped sword.

The world faces a real danger from the fanatical fascists that promotes genocide and mass murder in the name of freedom and democracy. Beneath their call for this ideology is their material interest, making greater profit, securing market and raw materials. These are freedom-fascist, democratic-fascists, capitalist-fascists, Zionist-fascists, neo-con-fascist, they all have the same root and the same mission, kill millions call it liberation, when the victims retaliate label them as fascists, terrorists etc. Fact is, the Muslims are numerically the biggest victim and any retaliation from them is described as fascist or terrorists.

Yamin Zakaria

London, UK

Published in 21/08/2006

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