Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Neo-Conservative ‘Fatwa’ of Tahir-ul-Qadri

Leading Islamophobes and Zionists have naturally welcomed Dr. Qadri’s one-dimensional fatwa, condemning suicide bombing and terrorism. There was hardly any reference to the context; the ongoing Anglo-US-Israeli terrorism over the last three decades that has resulted in occupation, theft of land and natural resources, and numerous massacres of innocent Muslims (Sabra and Shatila, Qana, Jenin, Lebanon, Gaza, Fallujah, Highway of Death going towards Basra, etc). Far from a fatwa, it looks like the typical spin of a nasty neo-conservative.

If the subject of the fatwa is terrorism, then he should at least define this elusive term; according to Dr. Qadri, terrorism is targeting non-combatants, whereas ‘legitimate’ war mean targeting combatants. It is strange for man claiming to have scholarly credential, to come up with such a simplistic view of war and terrorism, which bears no relation to the real world. The methods of warfare have ‘evolved’ from the days of spears and swords, and with the use of explosives over populated cities, substantial ‘collateral’ damage is guaranteed; war means the mass killing of civilians. 

Even a mediocre academic recognises the pseudo distinction between, terrorism of non-state actors and wars waged by state. To be succinct –wars waged by states is mass terrorism with a big budget, whereas terrorism is war on a smaller budget. Both acts involve the killing of civilians, driven by a political motive. Therefore, one can wage war for democracy or for the implementation of Sharia laws. To label one category of violence, as terrorism has no intellectual merit, it is just for political convenience.

There is no inherent logic to suggest that terrorism can only be committed by non-state actors. The bombing of the pharmaceutical factory in Sudan, the illegal invasion of Iraq and the carnage in Gaza are all clear examples of state terrorism and crimes against humanity. However, such acts of terrorism fail to register on Dr. Qadri’s ‘fatwa’ radar. Indeed, it would have been logical and fair for Dr. Qadri to condemn ‘terrorism’ in terms of magnitude – thus start with condemning state terrorism, then the terrorism of non-state actors (groups and individuals); many of which can also be classed as resistance against state terrorism, such as the reaction to the criminal invasion and the subsequent gang rape of Iraq. In terms of rape, I am not just referring to the horror chamber of Abu-Ghraib, but the destruction and looting of the entire country.

Far from addressing state terrorism, Dr. Qadri calls such crimes as foreign policy mistakes[1]; this is the language of a typical heartless neo-conservative. If Dr. Qadri is really bothered by acts of terrorism, then he should have issued his fatwa a lot earlier, focusing on the primary source of terrorism, which is the ongoing state terrorism inflicted on the innocent Muslims and non-Muslims around the world by the Anglo-US-Israeli terrorists. Instead, he decides to jump into his fatwa suit, when the Muslims respond to invasion, occupation and slaughter of innocent civilians. He cites classical scholars and for sure, none of the classical scholars would have issued such a meaningless, irrational and a treacherous ‘fatwa’.

Furthermore, state terrorism is not confined to direct combat, collective punishment is also used by states to kill civilians. The sanction against Iraq killed 500,000 innocent children; Israelis also continue to use similar methods against the Palestinians, as it builds various concentration camps for the Palestinians. Such methods are far more effective than suicide bombing and they are not worthy of a fatwa.

The UN has failed to reach consensus on the notion of terrorism, simply because it is a term of abuse to denigrate ones opponent. Only the naive would carry the definition of the opponent. Thus, Dr. Qadri should retract his one-sided condemnation of the lesser ‘terrorism’; reissue the fatwa condemning the primary source of terrorism.

Allegedly, Dr. Qadri also supports the right to resist occupation, in places like Palestine. After giving extensive details of what the suicide bombers cannot attack in the face of the ongoing Israeli oppression and collective punishment, he implies that resistance can only target active Israeli troops in combat. However, he condemns the use of suicide bombing. Thus, how can the unarmed Palestinians resist a conventional force? How do you target an F16 flying at high altitude dropping bombs on the civilian population, and committing the ultimate act of mass terrorism? It seems Dr. Qadri is lecturing the side with the mass civilian casualties not to engage in killing enemy civilians, as a matter of response and deterrence. This is more like a Christian priest advising the followers to turn the other cheek, rather than an Islamic scholar calling for Jihad to liberate the occupied lands from oppressors.

War is a bilateral issue, at the very least. You fight the enemy as they fight you – because not only it is stated in a verse of Quran, but also that is the essence of combat. Thus, a fatwa should have started with examining the conduct of both sides, taking into account the disparity of the two sides and most importantly, highlight who is the culprit in the conflict. Any legal system demands that you make a distinction between culprit and the victim; otherwise, a murder is the same as the one killing in self-defence. The Palestinians in Jerusalem is not the guilty party, it is the thieves coming from abroad and occupying their home are the ones that need to be expelled. This is all justified in the name of religion by the fanatical Zionists.

In addition, it is in the interest of the Muslims to halt the killing of civilians, as they are the biggest victim. However, that requires a collective effort – and only a simpleton would call on the victims for unilateral disengagement.

Of course, the fatwa has been magnified by the media, and some quarters amongst the Muslims have shown support, as well as the anti-Islamic faction, but many more have not, their voice remains silent. Ultimately, the ‘success’ of the fatwa will depend on how many adheres to it. The essence fatwa seems to have adopted the method of Ghandi, advising the resistance to lay down their arms and recourse to non-violent actions and hope for mercy from their oppressors.

Dr. Qadri maybe recognised as a scholar of Islam in some quarters, and like many of the Muslim scholars and Imams, they are out of touch with the real world, and thus easily misguided on the simplest of issues. He should retract his superficial notion of terrorism and war, which no doubt will nullify his fatwa that is in the process of being fully translated.

It is reasonable to expect that any Islamic Scholar should take into account the interests of the Muslims, whilst issuing a fatwa. So, why Dr Qadri could not stand up and issue a fatwa when the civilian population were slaughtered in Gaza or the numerous occasions prior to that? He has written on human rights, and thus he could easily pass a fatwa on the numerous Muslims incarcerated in the prisons of the democratic western world. What about a fatwa on torture carried out by US intelligence? Is it too much to expect from Dr. Qadri to come out in defence of the Muslims? Anyway, so what prompted him to pronounce a ‘fatwa’ now? He says, the events in Pakistan have provoked him, yet the hundreds of thousands slaughtered prior to that were not enough to trigger him into action.

Far from being scholarly, Dr. Qadri seems like one of those simple people, suffering from the moderate-Muslim syndrome, who only see violence in the deaths of 3000 or 52, and fails to see the killing of one million plus innocent Muslim civilians. His fatwa radar is surely defective! After the killing of 1500 civilians, the Palestinians are still the terrorists and the Israelis were merely defending themselves; Dr. Qadri’s irrational and misguided ‘fatwa’ reinforces that type of skewed viewpoint that is propagated by the real terrorists and extremists of this world. Such a fatwa serves the neo-conservative agenda; most certainly, it will prove to be irrelevant for the oppressed Muslims.

Yamin Zakaria (yamin@radicalviews.org)
London, UK

Published on 21/03/2010


1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09WxkO54egU&feature=related – Dr. Qadri gives a CNN interview.


  1. Dear Yamin

    Assalamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi ta’ala wa barakatuhu!

    Thanks for your reply. My comments are usually very seldom publishable, even by Muslims. Muslims would censor their own Sisters and Brothers while criticising the others for not granting them freedom of speech! I rarely give my opinion as I deal mostly only with verifiable facts.

    Tim Winter, Islamic studies lecturer at Cambridge University

    “A prominent Islamic scholar will use a speech in London to issue a 600-page religious edict, denouncing terrorists and suicide bombers as "unbelievers".”

    “Ul Qadri said he is confident his edict will have a significant impact because he has drawn on classical teachings and authorities acceptable to all sects of Islam.

    "I will say more than 50% will change their way, they will be influenced," he said.

    "Of the remaining 50% at least some of them, half of them, will become doubtful about their life, their terrorist activity," he said.”

    My observations

    1. As a matter of principle, I do not believe a single world written about Muslims and Islam by the Kuffar.
    2. I have no intention to ever read that “600-page religious edict” because it is said to denounce MUSLIM “terrorists and suicide bombers”!
    3. Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri cannot possibly have “drawn on classical teachings and authorities” to write his junk because no orthodox Islamic teachings and authorities have ever advised Muslims not to defend themselves, their property, Diin and honour when so viciously attacked, bombed and massacred non-stop for more than a century!
    4. I have never met o single “Muslim terrorist” in my whole life! So, I wonder where that Brother found any! Maybe when he is high on cannabis!
    5. As for “suicide bombers”, this is an invention of the Kuffar! If our learned Brother Tahir has chosen to make such a big issue about it, this is proof enough for me that he is definitely working for or to please the Kuffar!
    6. As for Muslims who happen on some occasions to commit desperate actions when their houses are bombed, their life made impossible by depriving them of water, food, medicine, their entire family imprisoned, butchered, their wives, mothers, sisters and children raped, humiliated, persecuted and tortured by the armies of the Kuffar, it is not up to the Kuffar to tell their victims HOW TO DEFEND THEMSELVES! Acts of desperation have nothing to do with any religion at all! Only liars and racists can use that kind of accusations against Muslims or Islam!
    7. Somebody should ask Brother Tahir if he has not heard of the Kuffar capturing Muslim kids, killing them and strapping them with explosives, and take them to a crowded area and then explode them, claiming they were suicide bombers! Zionists and criminal Jews are very good at this!
    8. The day when I come across some quotes from Brother Tahir’s “fatwa”, I may then comment further.
    9. By the way, there are no sects in Islam as they are haraam, and true Muslims do not belong to Sects! I do not recognise anybody as Muslim if he or she identifies themselves as belonging to any particular Sect!
    10. The Qadiani, Ismaili and Bahai Sects are undermining Islam and the Muslim Ummah because they work with the Kuffar against mainstream Muslims. The Kuffar use them as weapons against us!
    11. If Brother Tahir is unable to show me a single identifiable “Muslim terrorist”, then I am ready to call him a liar and a traitor! And, Muslims what is the punishment for traitors!
    12. Tavistok Institute brainwashes some Muslim apostates to wage war against Islam and Muslims. So, our Brother Tahir should either keep away from collaborating with the Kuffar or be branded as an enemy! Unfortunately, too many Muslims are collaborators, because the Ummah has long since become decadent! One such traitor is Wafa Sultan.


    Ghyslaine ROC

    Servant of God and of no man or government

    26th of March 6010

  2. Extract from an essay dedicated to Martyr William Milton ooper.


    Islam is the most dangerous and barbaric religion Mankind (evolved from the Apes) has ever devised, which means , of course, that Muhammad, that Arab savage of the Desert of Arabia was the most evil man to be born on planet earth, and has to be DESTROYED and the 1,5 or more billion Muslims of the planet CRUSHED, ANNIHILATED, unless they CHANGE their religion, if we are to believe that “creature” called WAFA SULTAN that appeared all of a sudden, like Baruch Hussain Obama-Sotero, and coming, according to my research, straight from the satanic mind control laboratories (Edward Bernay’s Tavistok type). Sultan was sponsored by the US controlled Al-Jazeera media network to slash at Islam and Muslims, and preach a New Islam, but with the same name??? Muslims must not only completely change their backward religion Islam, but they can still keep the old name Islam for their new religion, she says! You can see how deranged a mind she has. She also wants to make Islam compatible with the wishes of the Jewish-Kabbalist West! That “creature” is supposed to be a “psychiatrist” (Psychiatry is a Jewish monopoly), a Syrian from America, with apparently no Curriculum Vitae. Like Adolph Hitler and Obama-Sotero she is of uncertain and doubtful origins!

    Wafa Sultan claims to be waging a war against Islam, and is currently the foremost Islam Destroyer of the times, and is invited like other similar clones (Salman Rushdie…) in all the Western Islam hating media to spew her racist venom and hatred and call for the EXTERMINATION of the entire Muslim nations of the world. THEY (THE MUSLIMS) CHANGE OR THEY GET CRUSHED, WAFA SULTAN SAID! She was indeed programmed to do exactly that by the Tavistok Mind Control Factory of London reputed to have produced Stalin, Hitler and Churchill, and other psychopaths to help in the Jewish control of the world. V.I. Lenin was here in London, but I cannot yet confirm that Tavistok Institute used him as a guinea pig too! The Syrian Wafa “creature” is perfect, and many Jews and Israelis say that, after listening to her blasting Islam and the Muslims and approving the Palestinian Holocaust, they now feel great, love her so much, and confess that they were never so beautifully moved by anybody else to that extent before! The reason is because she said Israelis cannot and must not be blamed for killing Palestinians because that is what the Palestinians are asking for in order to go and play with virgins in their paradise, and Israelis are helping them to do exactly that by hastening their deaths!!! How sick can one be and what kind of a woman or mother can she be?”


    13th of March 2010

  3. Taliban and Al Qaeda killed more Muslims then USA now in Iraq and Afghanistan so we dont need such barbaric Jihad's and Extremists who are misguided Salafis killing Children and Women You should be ashamed of this inhuman killing spree supporting is that Islam never and those who are killing innocents by suicide bombings will indeed go to Hell Inshallah as they have injured maimed and burnt skins of innocents and they already have being sent to hell in this world and hereafter also Ameen

  4. Thank you for presenting a long-overdue expose' of the myths surrounding 'suicide bombers', an anomaly which, like the it's opposite, Ponerology, has provoked much scrutiny personally. My conclusion is that these people are either duped into carrying the load, placing the load or being conveniently placed when it blows and/or that they are victims of heavy mind-Kontrol programming. If the book works along these lines, I'd be happy to purchase.