Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Extremist Views of the British Media

The recent series of programme televised mainly by the BBC and Channel 4, covering the Muslims in Britain, points to a single agenda of marketing the notion of ‘extremist’ views of some Muslims. What is an extremist view? There is no open discussion on that point; any Muslim is labelled as an extremist for showing sympathy towards the oppressed masses who are fighting for ‘freedom’ in the occupied lands of Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Such views are not specific to Muslims, many non-Muslims and in particular the leftwing organisations, express similar views and sentiment on Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan. However, they are never labelled as extremists. It means - if the white face of George Galloway is replaced with an ethnic face, then you have an extremist who has been radicalised! It is funny how George Galloway is never classed as a militant, someone who is radicalised, or an extremist, even though he expresses such opinions so candidly.

To label someone as an extremist for defending their homeland, is no different to labelling Winston Churchill as a militant, and Britain as an extremist nation for reacting against the bombing raids of the expansionist Nazi Germany. Now the situation is reverse. Britain is riding on the expansionist US and Israel. Israel extends its settlements by uprooting the Palestenians; the US extends its military bases around the world to ensure its ‘freedom’ to exploit others is maintained.

The notion of extremist views is further characterised by the media claim that such opinions are held by a minority of Muslims, and stems from extreme interpretation of the religious texts, rather than a response to the events of war, mass killing, occupation and a theft of land and resources.

Consider the typical organisation of Islam4UK with its extremist views. Majority of the Muslims and non-Muslims in this world would concur with the political views of Islam4UK, even if they did not express their allegiance to such an organisation. The proof is simple. Just examine the issue of Palestine, Afghanistan and the fabricated Iraq war; majority of the nations and people of this world consider these wars as heinous crimes committed on innocent people. If the extremist views are meant to be a minority view, then what about minority view over the Iraq war? Even the legal experts endorsing the war inside the British government, was clearly a very small minority view.

According to that criterion of minority, Britain and the US are extremists for going against world opinion by launching a war without UN authorisation. They did not have the testicles to live up to their own ideals of majority rule (democracy), by subjecting their case to the UN General Assembly vote. What about the lone veto constantly used by the US to support Israeli war crimes, a terrorist nation with extremist views that is engaged in ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. Is that not an extremist action by the US, as it stems from a minority position?

If the extremist views were a consequence of interpretation, then it implies the views have no connection with the war, mass killings, theft of resources, and the occupation of the Muslim countries. That is absurd. How do you explain the non-Muslims who share the same ‘extremist’ views on those issues? Have they been brainwashed by the Muslim extremists?

Then comes the usual repetition of the events of 7/7 and 9/11, as if they were without any cause, marks the beginning of the history of conflict. What does 9/11 have to do with the UK? If the connection is one of, Americans are the English speaking secular and Christian brothers, then that is also applicable to Muslims in the UK who identify with the oppressed Muslims in occupied lands. As for 7/7, this is a minor event compared to the mass casualties inflicted on the innocent people of Iraq and Palestine.

The British media should know that if you throw a brick through someone’s window, retaliation would naturally follow. It may be considered an extreme view, but it is a logical view, rooted in Judeo-Christian tradition, upheld by all nations. One cannot alter this reality, no matter how many spineless moderates are lined up by the media-gun to force a constant apology. No matter how much you howl terrorism, people can see the real mass terrorism inflicted on people who have done no harm to this country. Madrid and 7/7 had a cause; they were a reaction to the direct and indirect atrocities committed by the British and the Spanish government in Iraq. Until those countries decided to join the Zionist-neo-con driven war, the Muslims have been living peacefully in both countries for decades.

Rather, the British media is engaged in the broadcast of extremist views that causes offence to the millions of Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide. Its militant journalists spread lies and hate, constantly incite violence through justifying war and carnage as self-defence; these heartless journalists write with the ink drawn from the blood of the innocent people in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan. They justify the fascist outlook of Blair and his ilk, who thinks killing hundreds of thousand of innocent people, is somehow a noble cause for humanity. However, even Nazis like Adolf Hitler had grounds to fight, after the disproportionate suffering inflicted on Germany through the Treaty of Versailles. What is Blair’s excuse? Is it Iraq’s WMD?

Blair and his henchmen are the real extremists, with extremist views that should be sitting with Radovan Karadzic who is a small criminal in comparison, and they should all be answering for their war crimes.

Yamin Zakaria (yamin@radicalviews.org)
London, UK

Published on 02/03/2010



  1. Just a note about the Nazi bombing raids on Britain. One of the dirty secrets which the British never mention is that it was the British that initiated the bombing of civilians centres and then Germany responded. Prior to this Germany was bombing only military and industrial targets.

  2. Dear Yamin

    Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi ta’ala wa barakatuhu!

    Many thanks for your email. I have read your article, and as an initial comment, I would like to say this.

    I am less disappointed with the non Muslims than with the Muslims. I am 64 years old. Muslims has all along proved to me that God is a joke and that Islam is almost worthless in this world. When I was young I used to let myself get distracted by the non Muslim propaganda of hate, genocidal campaigns against defenceless nations and the plunder of their resources. But, I have learned to find the real guilty party, the defenceless nations themselves, and the Muslims who disobeyed God and did not arm themselves as ordered or recommended by God in the Qur’ân which, if it were Holy, Muslims would not show so much disrespect for its contents apart from enjoying listening to its recitation like any Tom, Dick and Harry would enjoy listening to certain songs and music.

    “What is an extremist view? There is no open discussion on that point;…” (Yamin Zakaria 2.3.2010)

    To me the entire British leadership works for Shaytaan and its agent the media. They do not have to discuss about anything that demonise Muslims and Islam because they know the truth better than us and have no intention whatsoever to ever start any debate about Muslim or Islamic “extremism”. Their job is to demonise, and they do it to the perfection. But, Muslims do not know where their duty lies, not at all! Instead of letting themselves being distracted by Shaytaan’s tricks, why don’t they start by showing us (and the world) what they and their religion are really worth? But, they are cowards, ignorant, selfish, hypocrites, treacherous, and do not give a damn about others, be they Muslims or not!

    I have read many of your articles in the past and I never found any fault at all. But, today I am really fed up seeing that Muslims have no intention to ever change their Satanic ways and go back to their religion that they have betrayed. I have lived in England (mostly in hiding) for the past ten years or so. If it were not for the Internet, I would have even abandoned that Ummah of cowards and hypocrites! Since the Muslim Parliament was highjacked by the British government with Dr Ghayasuddin complicity, I lost all hope that British Muslims would ever emerge as a respectable partner in this part of the world. We were to lead all the European Muslims, but Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala did not want it by removing from our midst Dr Kalim Siddiqui and by allowing Iran to be blackmailed by the Kuffar!

    Muslims in the UN work for Shaytaan and not for the Ummah! Why should we nee its authorisation when it is controlled by International Zionism? The day you see ALL Muslim nations getting out of that UN dictatorship, there can be some hope for Muslims and Islam in the world, not before, unless by some miracle they manage to chango UN policies!

    “Madrid and 7/7 had a cause; they were a reaction to the direct and indirect atrocities committed by the British and the Spanish government in Iraq.”

    This is an absolutely incorrect statement! I have not well researched Madrid, but as far as 7/7 is concerned this is a MOSSAD-MI5-MI6 false-flag operation and has nothing to do with British and Spanish satanic behaviour in Iraq!

    “Blair and his henchmen are the real extremists…”

    Well, you said it, Brother, but when are the British Muslim ‘lawyers’ (of Kufr Law) issue criminal proceedings against the mass murderer and liar Tony Blair and his henchmen?

    Many thanks for keeping up the good work. May God bless you and your loved ones! I am a grandfather of two very young girls (3 and 4 years old) and most of my time is taken babysitting and helping in educating them as best as I can.

    Barak Allah Fik.

    Basheer Ahmad