Friday, 19 February 2010

Homosexuality and Zionism

Homosexuality and Zionism

If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their blood guiltiness is upon them.

- The Bible (Leviticus 20:13)

For those who will rant and rave, waving the usual politically correct card of homophobia, to stifle any discussion on this issue, need not bother reading past this sentence. They are part of the neo-liberal cabal, who are not interested in genuine free speech, and gag the opposing view by categorising it as incitement to hate. The tactics employed are identical to the Zionist dominated media that prevents any criticism of Israel, by labelling it as anti-Semitic.

Zionist-Israel is an exception. It is the only ‘democracy’ (for Jews only) in the Middle East, and the only country that has managed to portray itself as a victim of terrorism, after slaughtering 1500 civilians in Gaza in response to a few home made devices landing in their back garden. The only country that does not have to abide by UN resolutions unlike its neighbours, it has nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, and many other privileges. Like Zionist-Israel, homosexuality is also the exception from the norm! So, are there any other common traits between Zionism and the phenomenon of homosexuality?

Regardless of one’s conviction, nobody can dispute that homosexuality is self-destructive for the human race; it works against the natural process of procreation, because the semen can only function inside the vagina of a woman, and not in the rear end of another man! For sure, no society would survive, if homosexuality or celibacy became the norm. The biggest irony is homosexuals come into existence through heterosexual activity. Therefore, the constant noise about the rights of homosexuals is meaningless, without protecting the rights of heterosexuals, to whom they owe their existence. Ask the most liberal heterosexual, he or she would never want a child that has homosexual traits, as everyone has the yearning to see their grandchildren.

Similarly, Zionism is also destructive for the human race. The fundamental doctrine of Zionism is based on the servitude and if necessary, the annihilation of the non-Jews (Goyem or Gentiles). The ends justify the means, when it comes to ‘saving’ the chosen race of God. Even though Israel with its secular pretence may claim to distance itself from the nasty Talmudic Laws, but their policies at many levels are shaped by the basic Talmudic ethos of ethnic cleansing, and terrorising the non-Jews in the region. Nobody notices the edicts of the fanatical Rabbi calling for the murder of non-Jewish infants.

Let us put the debate of – is homosexuality nature or nurture – aside for the moment. There is a need to protect all minorities; however, there is clear distinction between legal protection, and aggressively encourage something. It is difficult to fathom, why homosexuality is increasingly pushed in our heterosexual faces, to the detriment of the majority and more importantly, the danger it poses to the survival of human race. Similarly, why the constant noise about the suffering of Jews in 1945, as if they have a monopoly over this issue? It was the Japanese, the Germans and the Russians who suffered most during the Second World War. If the Israeli-Zionists were really victims of a holocaust, how can they murder innocent Palestinian civilians en masse? How can victims exhibit such heartless and cruel behaviour towards innocent civilians, who had no connection with Nazi Germany?

Like it or not, the semen belongs inside the woman’s vagina, for that is the reason why the homosexuals exist. The irony is, if they want more homosexuals they need to participate in the process of procreation. Therefore, why should the rest of humanity spend time, effort and money to give them recognition and worse propagate it, when the homosexuals have ‘deliberately’ ceased to contribute in the vital role of ensuring the continuity of the human race? At best, they may claim to have some kind of handicap for which they should be given some aid, and most certainly, they are not on par with the heterosexual community, or have the chutzpah to complain about heterosexuals who are the cause of their existence.

Then they bring forward the claim of the mysterious homosexual gene. How did the liberals with their evolutionist mantra miss this? Surely, homosexuality works against the principle of natural selection as it encourages the termination of human race. If there is such a thing as the homosexual gene, then it is a ‘liability’ for the human species, it should have been eliminated by the process of natural selection long time ago.

Another way to assess any phenomena is to examine the results, so the old Biblical statement reads, “by their fruits ye shall know them”. Can anyone point out a society that has flourished through homosexual activities? Does a homosexual couple provide a stable family unit? How can it? There is no outcome, like children, a real family and a future. In most cases homosexual relationships breaks, as they primarily attach themselves for sexual reasons; there is nothing else to keep them together permanently.

In fear of the label of homophobic, like the fear anti-Semitism, many remain silent, even though they despise the acts, find it repulsive. Let us be candid, for the normal heterosexuals, acts of homosexuality causes disgust; as does the killing of innocent and defenceless people by the descendent of the victims of Holocaust. From Adam to the last Prophet of God, Mohammed (saw), they were all healthy heterosexual men; all the texts of the Abrahamic faiths condemn acts of homosexuality unequivocally, and human reason tells us, homosexuality and Zionism is suicidal for the human race!

Yamin Zakaria (
London, UK

Published in 19th Feb 2010


  1. You're at it again Yamin!

    "Can anyonone point out a society that has flourished through homosexual activity?"

    –The Roman and the Greeks were openly homosexual. You can't say the Roman empire/society didn't flourish?

    "In most cases homosexual relationships breaks (sic)"

    –Source? Is that from personal experience, or did you just make it up?

    "..or have the chutzpa to complain about heterosexuals who are the cause of their existence"

    –I agree entirely with this point.

    ...But again, basing arguments on quotes from a bronze-age book that many, often uneducated, people follow blindly is hardly promoting a radical view. It is just preaching. Nothing new or radical about that.

  2. Some of the men in the the Roman and particularly the Greek empire practised homosexuality at some stage - if I recall at the latter period when it collapsed. The power of Rome or the Greeks was not built on homosexuality. It could not have been the norm otherwise the the population would have declined sharply!

    The breaking of the homosexual relationship is well-known and documented. Just use the Google you will see enough information on this. I remember reading this sometime back on BBC website but not too sure.

    Citing part of the statement is rather shallow and fooling yourself. The full concept is: Homosexuals cannot come about through homosexual activity - it is SUICIDAL. If a society were to become homosexual - the human race would come to an end. This is obvious, it was applicable in the bronz-age as well as the Information age. It seems some people lack basic education about the process to procreate. Maybe you have not acquired puberty yet! :)

  3. Your a spin doctor and not a very good one. Quite emailing me your spam.

  4. Are you actually, genuinely, worried that ALL of society is in danger of becoming homosexual? If so I can suddenly understand you better. How on earth would that ever happen? I am not homosexual – and in fact very few people are – and I take it that you are not homosexual either (or perhaps you are a self-hating homosexual?), so where is this definitive change in people's sexual behaviour going to come from? You can't legislate against people's sexual orientation. The fact that homosexuals have existed longer than the bible and the Qur'an, in historic epochs where homosexuality was a serious crime, is testament to this.

    What are you actually scared of?

    A massive gay-zionist army taking over the world by force in pink uniforms forcing every man and woman to engage exclusively in homosexual activities?
    If anything, you should take comfort in the fact that gay people cannot procreate, and thus leave the world "pure" according to your rather outdated views.

    Vis-a-vis your sources: having it read it maybe sometime on the BBC or Google hardly constitutes a source. I read once, maybe, on Google that dinosaurs roamed the earth simultaneously with humans. I also read that all black people are criminals. Is that true too, just because it was on Google?

    With regards to lacking basic education about procreation; I have not yet met any person who thought that gay people could procreate with each other. I earned that in school, not in a church or a mosque. It is called science. Of course the human race would come to an end if society were to become exclusively homosexual, but how on earth will that ever happen? I mean, seriously?
    How will that happen?
    Once you go past puberty you generally start to analyse the world and ask questions, and not take whatever you've learned in sunday school (or the equivalent in whichever religion you choose to follow) as fact. That is immature. Who is actually stopping you from procreating? Have you had bad experiences in love, is that it? *cause last time i checked people are procreating more than ever, so much so in fact that it is becoming a burden on our ecosystem. – see for yourself.
    As always, a pleasure debating with you Yamin!



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  6. For the third comment - If you do not want to recieve my emails then let me know your addres I will remove it asap.

    To Carlsson,

    As for your long 'response' it does not address any of the arguments in the article, its just rambling about nothing. As for procreation, you do not need to learn that at school (lol), if you go to the Amazon, you will see tribes exist, they procreate without anyone giving them a lesson in a school.

    I am not talking about me procreating, I am saying we as a specie, why should we encourage something that works against our interests (that is the continuity of our race)? Thus, at the most we should only tolerate their existance, and try to cure them, but defintely not encourage it. It's a simple argument based on reason!

    You have obviously been rattled for some reason.

  7. It is only a simple argument based on reason if you reasonably think that one day all of society will be homosexual. Which it never will. One could argue that religious people should at most be tolerated, but not definitely not encouraged. Any argument based on a holy book has nothing to do with reason, it has to do with blind faith. Blind faith has resulted in the death of millions of people. People who are not against homosexuality breed too, you know.
    My comment is not as much a response as request for you to clarify your views. Is that rambling? If you are so certain ion your view, take me on, don't belittle me. When you do that you will only get more people who think your emails are spam.

    But you're not really answering my question; why do you think that there is a possibility that society will become exclusively homosexual if we don't oppose it? Why, and more importantly, how?
    That is a reasonable question based on your article. I am genuinely intrigued by this assertion.

    Besides, if you have a blog and want people to respond and debate your views, then do that. Accusing people who actually bother reading and leave comments on your blog of rambling and being rattled when they try to engage in discourse is a bit counterproductive. It strikes me that you're not really 100% about your own arguments when you have to resort to arguments such as that.


  8. Carlson - rule number one in a debate is to read the original article carefully. At no point I said "all of society" will become homosexual. I said if homosexuality becomes a major force (or norm) then you would see the decline in the population sharply. You agree two men cannot procreate. You do not need to attend school to know this.

    I never once referred to religious text to support my viewpoint! Look to the article again - you will see why I have said we should oppose homosexuality - nothing to do with religion.
    Let me cite you one point and I quote "The irony is, if they want more homosexuals they need to participate in the process of procreation. Therefore, why should the rest of humanity spend time, effort and money to give them recognition and worse propagate it, when the homosexuals have ‘deliberately’ ceased to contribute in the vital role of ensuring the continuity of the human race?"

    If you do not oppose a trend it can become a force in society - and you should oppose it if it is detriment to the society. You already concur on that with me that homosexuality is suicidal as they cannnot reproduce!

    So what is your problem?

  9. I guess I'm just rattled.

  10. "I never once referred to religious text to support my viewpoint!"

    Um, actually you started your ramble with a quote from the Bible.

    "Like it or not, the semen belongs inside the woman’s virgina..."

    I can't take your argument seriously when you cannot even spell.

    I am a gay male and I take great offense to your hateful and unjustified comments. Thank you to the more educated and thoughtful individuals that have stuck up for mine and other homosexual individual's rights.

    If you believe in your God so much and it was He (according to your faith) that created me in his image; then surely God is a little bit gay too!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. The quote from the Bible was for information only. If you bothered to 'read' the article properly you would have seen that. It was not used as supporting evidence anywhere. And the quote was to put the ignorant secular-christians on the backfoot.

    I did notice the spelling error, it happens to all of us. It was changed immediately, so you are a little 'slow'. But pointing to that shows you are running out of steam! :)

    You cant take my argument seriously but serious enough to give all these responses! lol - The real reason you cant take it serously is because, you could not argue against the points made.

    God has given us a choice. Otherwise, a murderer, rapist etc can also claim they have the magic gene which propels them into such actions.

    You are gay male that should be 'greatful' for the hetrosexual acts of your parents, that is how you came into existance. This is something you are now denying to your potential children.
    Are you not commiting an act of treachery here?

  13. Excellent article with very well argued points, Yamin. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that those who oppose these views are not able to argue against these points or rationally justify their claims. Keep up the good work.